Unusual Things to do in Amsterdam

We’ve been talking of fun things to do in Amsterdam, but today we talk about the unusual stuff. Whether you are coming back to Amsterdam or visiting for the first time, there is something for you on this list. Let’s make your getaway magical. 

Go for an audio tour through Tuschinski Theatre

This Theater on Reguliersbreestraat is a functioning cinema that’s a mix of art nouveau and deco. They run daily audio tours between 9.30 – 11.30 a.m. The audios are in English and Dutch and the sessions run for 45 minutes. You’ll have to part with 10 euros to cater for your tour and a cup of tea/coffee. 


Make sure you’ve rented a bicycle to enjoy a 10 minutes exercise as you head to the Moco museum to enjoy some Banky Amsterdam art.  

Go for the escape room adventure at the Rijksmuseum

The escape room experience was meant to be a one-time summer adventure in 2018. However, the museum received such a vast success that the quest has been made permanent. If you have 105 hours to spare being pulled into the atmosphere, you’ll be glad you read this. Your task is to recover a formula stolen back in the 18th century by the Italian Alchemist and sorcerer Alessandro Cagliostro. Well, you’ll have to roam all through the museum looking for clues. 


Sherlocked in Beurs van Berlage will also give you a complete escape room adventure behind closed doors. 

Have a cup of tea in the smallest house in Amsterdam

What could be more unusual than having tea in the smallest house ever? It fits the bill, right? Well, the place is two meters wide and it once held 5 family members. There is a tea store on the first floor and the second and third floor take you to a tea-infused fairytale. You get to pick if you want high tea, brunch, breakfast, or lunch. Make a reservation to have a great experience. 

Go plastic fishing in the canals

As unusual and weird as that sounds, it’s exactly what it is. It’s a 2 hours boat trip in the Plastic Whale. You get in and a fishing net to get you started. The boat has no predetermined route. Instead, you get to go anywhere you spot a plastic bag. The captain will take the vessel to the place you spotted the trouble maker and you stretch your hands to fish it out. It combines both touristy stuff and saving the environment. 

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